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Tarot Elderberry Rose & CBD Oil 500MG

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Interested in elevating your immune system with Mother Nature's secret recipe? 

Now more than ever it is imperative that our immune system is functioning to its fullest. This daily-use elderberry packed CBD oil blend is chock full of antioxidants and vitamins known to give you a much-needed boost. 

Designed for daily use this elderberry CBD oil contains 500 mg of US grown full spectrum hemp derived CBD oil & organic elderberry & rose CO2 extracts. This CBD oil is 3rd party lab tested, vegan, and is also chemical, alcohol & gluten free. 

  • CBD is a natural healing compound found in cannabis plants 
  • 100% legal across all US states 
  • Does not contain the THC compound that is known to get you “high” 
  • Safe for ages 18+
  • All natural and Pesticide-free 

Research shows that CBD can assist in your daily wellness routine. Elderberry is high in vitamin c which is thought to boost the immune system. Rose is high in the terpene Geraniol. Geraniol is high in antioxidants and is thought to help combat stress.

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Elderberry Rose & CBD Oil 500MG - provides: 

  • Supports your health
  • Promotes happiness
  • Elevated well being 
  • Soothes anxiety
  • Encourages homeostasis

Give your immune system the natural boost you’ve been aching for!

Ingredients: Certified organic MCT oil, 500 mg North Carolina grown full-spectrum CBD, organic elderberry CO2 extract grown in France, organic rose otto CO2 extract grown in Bulgaria

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