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Grapefruit "Uplift" Gummies 350MG CBD

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Do you need a boost to get through your day?

Raise your spirits and uplift your mood with these vibrant grapefruit flavored gummies.

Uplift grapefruit gummies with vitamin B are an excellent way to energize your day whilst staying focused.

These gummies are non-habit forming and safe to take often without the harmful effects of traditional prescription medication. This delicious CBD gummie will have you back in action in no time.

  • CBD is a natural healing compound found in cannabis plants 
  • 100% legal across all US states
  • Does not contain the THC compound that is known to get you “high” 
  • Safe for ages 18+
  • All natural and Pesticide-free 

Research shows that Vitamin B plays an integral role in maintaining your well being. Vitamin B provides the building blocks for a healthy body, B vitamins have a direct impact on energy levels, brain function and cell metabolism.

Article to reference if needed: Benefits and uses of B-complex vitamins

Uplift Grapefruit with Vitamin B Gummies provide: 

  • Uplifting mood enhancement 
  • Metabolism support
  • Steadies energy expenditure
  • Heightened immune system support
  • Elevated well-being 

Don’t just get through your day, uplift and elevate your energy levels without being weighed down.


Glucose, sucrose, kosher gelatin, CBD isolate, sorbitol, citric acid, natural grapefruit flavor, lemon essential oil, artificial coloring, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12.

Plus products are made without any nuts or peanut oil, but are produced in a facility that also manufactures tree nuts, peanut oil, and shellfish. Consume with caution.

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